New School Creation MOOC

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Abbreviated Course Syllabus
Full Course Syllabus

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Even though the first run of the course is nearing completion - feel free to register and look around at all of the content we have developed. Feel free to start the course on your own as well. If you want more info on when the course will be running again - Click here to sign up for our mailing list to receive updates and email pyurick@hightechhigh.org if you have any questions. 

Course Description:
During the course of six weeks MOOC participants will work to design a “narrative” about the school they are creating. This narrative lays out the “mosaic” of school creation puzzle pieces (eg.: purpose, student mix, pedagogy, etc) to the varied prospective audiences that the participant will encounter.

Participants will...
...exit with a basic understanding of what it takes to open a school.
...connect to an active, collegial community of new school creators that provides ubiquitous support and encouragement.
...create a basic narrative structure that can be presented in multiple formats, to multiple and diverse audiences.

Course Begins: January 12th, 2014